Jumpstart Your Year

Gina Johnson Holistic Entrepreneurial Business Coach

Jumpstart Your Year

We all like a fresh start feeling the new year brings us. Set your business up for success this year by giving it a clean slate and the fresh start it deserves. In addition to ensuring a positive, strong first quarter in sales, the jumpstart will hone in on your vision. Honing in on your vision will allow you to get  laser focused on your goals putting yourself on the right track for the upcoming year.

A healthy first quarter creates hope and optimism within a company and more often than not, leads to a strong start to the following business year. Intentional and productive business year.

Jumpstart Your Year 1:1 Coaching Program includes:

  • One 90-minute strategic business strategy session including a Business Checklist
  • Two 60-minute follow-up accountability strategy or topic-specific sessions (workbook included)

This is the perfect size package to help you customize your business planning, strategically plan out your Q1 marketing, and get you ready for a fantastic starter to the year.