• 3rd October 2018
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Sabrina John

Gina’s Fast Track to Success Coaching and Mastermind Program was the best six-week course I’ve ever been a part of. I can’t believe how much we covered from ways to brand, to price your products, and so much more. I have such a clear idea of who I am and what I do. Before Gina, I would go to networking events and when people asked me what it is I do, I literally would respond with “Oh well, I do a bunch of things really.” Gina helped me figure out what the umbrella is and managed to create a theme to put them all together. As a poetic art expressionist, I am living my dream and the work keeps coming. I’m confident enough to present it to people and stand by my price point too.

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  1. Elena Rahrig says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I too have worked with Gina many times and she is amazing!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for the compliment Elena. You are also amazing!

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