The Business Magnifier

Gina Johnson Holistic Entrepreneurial Business Coach

The Business Magnifier


With today’s current situation, we are all experiencing business challenges. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we know first hand that our main focus is to solve problems for our customers.  As our clients’ problems change, so does our need to change our products and services. A common problem that is on everyone’s mind is: finding creative ways to successfully work from home. Smart business owners understand that the trick to helping their customers is to use any challenge as a catapult to help their clients reach their next highest version of themselves.

Creating a winning business requires a winning strategy which will enable you to set the right goals at the right time. This strategy becomes the roadmap for reaching those goals. Combined with a business assessment, analyzing your current business conditions: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (otherwise known as a SWOT Analysis) can provide insight on what action steps you need to take.

Price: $599

Are you ready to pivot your business to meet today’s challenge?

This package includes

  • One 90 minute one-on-one call
  • Two 60 minute one-on-one calls
  • A 4 page workbook
  • Invitation to a VIP Virtual Networking Event where you will meet my exclusive community of entrepreneurs
  • Invitation to a VIP Mastermind Training Session