The CEOs Playbook

The leading cause of failing entrepreneurs is incompetence, lack of managerial experience, neglect, fraud, disaster, cash flow problems, and lack of experience.

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We don't know what we do not know until someone shows us that we don’t know it. This book has shown me exactly what I was missing that was hindering my success as an entrepreneur. Even more, since applying what I learned from this book, I have seen immediate transformation in my business. I am more confident than ever before that my business is transforming into an Empire.

Jimmie Bell OSU Alumni Football Player Mentor

Do you often worry if you will be on the failing side of entrepreneurship? Are you tired of watching success happen for everyone, but you? Are you exhausted from being hounded to invest thousands upon thousands on your education? Are you frustrated or worrisome more than you are excited?


  • The difference between a Business Owner and an Empire Creator.
  • Your one thing that will create your success.
  • What it takes to be a confident CEO.
  • How to get 10 steps ahead of ordinary entrepreneurs.
  • How to become a fearless CEO.
  • How to get your personal life in order so it no longer negatively affects your Empire.
  • Develop a business plan.
  • Branding your Empire.
  • How to turn others on.
  • How to mingle your way to millions.
  • Use your words to speak your way to success.
  • Create copy that demands attention.
  • How to plan your events.
  • The importance of being a happy and healthy CEO.
    …and more!

It is time for you to transform! Step into CEO status!

Jump off the feast to famine roller coaster! Transform your business into an Empire! Connect, Collabo-

rate, & Conquer with 16 Empire Creators! Step by step instructions to immediately apply what you learn

about the intrinsic details of creating an Empire! Learn from 16 Empire Creators!

Get ready! Get clear!
Get organized! Get going! Create, Build, & Sustain Your Empire!

This is every entrepreneur's dream come true! This book is a phenomenon for many reasons; but for one, it covers an array of topics every entrepreneur must know to own an Empire.


Chapter Titles

  • Business Owner vs Empire Creator
  • Your One Thing
  • Confident CEO
  • Getting 10 Steps Ahead
  • The Fearless CEO
  • journaling Your Way to Success
  • When Your Personal Life Suffers, Your Empire Suffers
  • Developing Your Business Plan
  • Branding Your Empire
  • Turning Others On
  • Mingle Your Way to Millions
  • Speaking Your Way to Success
  • Creating Copy
  • Planning Your Event
  • Building Meaningful Relationships
  • The Happiest CEO Is The Most Successful CEO
  • Living Healthy As CEO

Create, Build & Sustain Your Empire